Koharu Seto
瀬戸 小春
Seto Koharu
 Gender Female
 Status Alive
 Relatives Hiroko Seto (Mother)
Unnamed Father
 Japanese Voice Inori Minase
 English Voice Cristina Valenzuela
 Manga Chapter 18: The Scenery When I’m With You
 Anime Episode 10: The Scenery I Shared With You

Koharu Seto is a character appearing in the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso series. She is the daughter of Hiroko Seto.


Koharu has messy blonde pigtails round, dotted eyes, and high-raised eyebrows. She almost always has a jovial smile, and is often seen with her mother. Koharu most likely resembles her father, as she hasn’t inherited any of her mother’s physical features.


Koharu is generally a happy and cheerful child who adores her mother. Koharu has been shown to be quite shy and hesitant around others when she first meets them[1], but eventually warms up to them and begins to consider them as her family, as seen when she drew a picture of Nagi Aiza playing the piano with Kousei Arima.[2]


Koharu was born to Hiroko Seto, sometime after Kousei Arima's mother died.


Shigatsu wa Kimi no UsoEdit

After Kousei’s first piano competition after two years, Koharu and Hiroko went to Towa Hall, for a “nostalgic” reunion with Kousei. When her mother was concerned about Kousei (who hadn’t answered her phone calls), Koharu went to his house with her, only to find that he had been asleep in his clothes from the day before. As he woke up, Koharu exclaimed, “Zombie? Zombie?!”. When Hiroko forced Kousei to take a shower, taking his clothes off for him, Koharu covered her eyes in the process. Kousei offered her milk, but seeing as she had never seen him for two years, she hid behind her mother’s legs in shyness.[3]

At a festival, Koharu bought three red candy apples, and offered one to Kousei, whose misunderstood moment of stillness led Koharu to cry, thinking that Kousei didn’t like candy apples. He accepted a candy apple in the end, and Koharu cheered up immediately.

Later, Kousei began giving her piano lessons.


Zombie? ZOMBIE?”

(To Hiroko) I want burgers, Mommy.”

(To Kousei, while crying) “You don’t like candy apple?”

Trivia Edit

  • Koharu is voiced by Charlotte Uhlig in the German dub, and by Iolanda Muñoz in the Spanish dub.[4]
  • After the ending credits of Episode 10, she appears in the audience sitting next to Hiroko, right after Kousei’s performance.

Gallery Edit


“Zombie? ZOMBIE?”


Koharu shields her eyes


Koharu and Hiroko applaud for Kousei


Koharu offers Kousei a candy apple


Koharu offers Kousei a candied apple


“You don’t like candy apple?” Koharu tears up when Kousei doesn’t take the candy apple


“Ringo ame!”



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