Gender Female
 Status Alive
 Occupation Student
 Japanese Voice Minako Kotobuki
 Manga Debut Chapter 34: Those Who Gaze into the Abyss
 Anime Debut Episode 18: Hearts Come Together

Izumi ( Izumi?) is a minor character appearing in the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso series. She is Takeshi Aiza’s girlfriend, and a student of Kurumi-Gaoka High School.


Izumi has mid-length dark brown hair and dark green emerald eyes. She wears a yellow and blue sailor style school uniform. She also wears glasses that are thin rimmed and have red temples.


Izumi is shown to be caring for her boyfriend, and urges him to see Nagi Aiza for the pianist she is. Contrarily, she also is seen to complain about Takeshi Aiza's habit of ditching their dates for piano practice. She is shown to have knowledge of the piano, most notable when she was able to describe Kousei Arima's playing.


Not much is known about her character, though it is commonly believed that she is a pianist, based upon her knowledge of the piano.


Shigatsu wa Kimi no UsoEdit

Izumi sits with Takeshi Aiza in the audience at the Kurumi Junior High School Gala Day Concert, as they watch Nagi Aiza play a piano duet with Kousei Arima. After their standout performance, she talks to Takeshi about how much Nagi looked up to him and how she wanted to impress him.


How long are you planning to sit around twiddling your thumbs?” (to Takeshi - Episode 18: Hearts Come Together)


  • Izumi is voiced by Greta Ruiz in the Spanish dub.[1]
  • Etymology
    • Izumi (泉) - Spring
    • Izumi’s name is a reference to a water body called a spring. It continues Naoshi Arakawa’s tradition of naming characters after elements of nature.



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