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Hiroko Seto (瀬戸 紘子 Seto Hiroko) is the mother of Koharu Seto, Kousei Arima’s piano mentor/guardian and a close friend of Saki Arima. Hiroko is also a renowned pianist in Japan who was also seen taking care of Saki before her death.


Hiroko is a tall, beautiful and athletically framed woman with straight shoulder-length black hair that has a single strand hanging in front of her face swept to the left and navy blue eyes.

Before the death of Saki Arima (Hiroko's close friend and Kousei Arima's mother), Hiroko had mid-back length hair with a thicker fringe.


Upbeat and exuberant on the outside, Hiroko is actually a warm-hearted and sensitive person who cares for Kousei Arima after he decides to begin to play the piano once again. She also partly feels guilty for pushing Saki Arima to make Kousei into a pianist, in the first place, which ended up pushing him into a corner. But all in all, she supports him in all his decisions and is always there for him.



During her time in high school, Hiroko met fellow pianist named Yuriko Ochiai and stayed friends well into their adulthood.

Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

When Hiroko heard that Kousei Arima had returned to the piano, she and Koharu Seto (Hiroko's daughter) watched his Maihou Competition performance and met him in person for the first time in two years. Because of the emotions, Kousei had put into his music, Hiroko deduced that he was playing for a girl he liked. She offered to be his mentor and guardian, and managed to change Kousei’s negative thoughts towards his late mother, by assuring him that “no mother hates her children”.


As world leading pianist, Hiroko has advanced skill in piano, having performed in a concert. With her occupation as a pianist and tutor, Hiroko has the ability to guide, inspire, and relieve students' stress and stage fright before competitions. She has the capability to inspire and support people like Kousei Arima and Nagi Aiza.


  • (To Saki Arima) "Saki, you have to teach Kousei how to play piano! He is a prodigy"
  • (To Kousei Arima) "Which one do you like better, long hair or short hair?"
  • (To Herself) "After losing Saki, Kousei...met someone who means the world to him."
  • (To Kousei) “No mother hates her children.”
  • (To Kousei) "When you say you 'can't hear the sound', doesn't it really mean you 'aren't restrained by the sound'? Rather than the sound you hear with your ears, an image inside you is boiling up from the depths of yourself and taking over without you even knowing. The sound inside, the landscape of your heart, your wishes, a sound loaded with your thoughts, didn't you feel it even for a moment? Not being able to hear the sound - that is a gift."


  • Her name Hiroko means "cord for a hat" (紘) (hiro) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Hiroko's surname Seto means "strait" (瀬戸).
  • Hiroko is voiced by Sandrine Mittelstädt in the German dub and Miry Ginger in the Spanish dub.[1]
  • While it is never shown to actually partake, Hiroko is consistently referenced by Kousei Arima and Koharu Seto to smoke cigarettes. While it is somewhat uncommon knowledge, musicians (especially touring ones) commonly smoke cigarettes, possibly due to the high stress of playing in front of people.



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