Spring Wind
English Spring Wind
Kanji 春風
Romaji Harukaze
Episode info
Air Date March 19, 2015
Episode 22
Chapter(s) Chapter 43: Ballade
Chapter 44: Spring Breeze
Opening Nanairo Symphony
Ending Orange (Acoustic Ver.)
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"Spring Wind" (春風 Harukaze?) is the twenty-second and final episode of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on March 19, 2015.


"Standing on the stage, I realized that because there are many people who will support me, I will play the sound that everyone gave me, and put all my thoughts in play in order to reach Kaori."


Kousei performs Chopin`s Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23 at the competition while Kaori undergoes surgery. He reminisces about his past experiences and the lessons he learned from the numerous people who have been a part of his life. As he plays, he enters into a dream-like state, surrounded by color and light. He is surprised to see Kaori and her violin before him. Kousei understands instantly that this means that the surgery was unsuccessful, but returns a smile at her and continues his performance as the vision of Kaori plays along with him. He begs her to stay with him, but she disappears with one last tearful smile. In reality, Kousei completes his performance with tears running down his face, saying his final farewell to her. Later, at Kaori's funeral, her parents pass on her final letter to Kousei. As Spring approaches, Kousei reads the letter, which reveals that Kaori, like the other pianists, admired him as a child and was influenced to play the violin in order to someday have Kousei play the piano with her. She was overjoyed that they were in the same middle school, but was unable to speak to him because of his closeness to Tsubaki and Watari. She explains that in April, she told a lie - that she was in love with Watari - in a bid to get close to Kousei. Now knowing that Kaori loved him, Kousei reaffirms his vow to never forget her, continuing to play the piano. Watari continues his dating habits, but reminisces sadly about Kaori. Tsubaki, knowing that Kousei had lost another person he loved, declares a promise to never allow him to be alone. Kousei weakly smiles, prepared for a spring without Kaori.

Major eventsEdit

  • Kousei completes his performance for the Eastern Japan Piano Competition's final round.
  • Kaori Miyazono passes away after an unsuccessful surgery.
  • Kousei is left a passing letter by Kaori.
    • Kaori reveals that she admired Kousei since he performed at his first piano competition.
    • Kaori reveals that she has previously had surgery to fix her medical condition and has been regularly in and out of hospital for years.
    • Kaori reveals that she lied about liking Ryota Watari in order to get close to Kousei, and instead loves him. Hence the English title, "Your Lie in April."
    • Kaori encloses a picture of her younger self with a friend after a piano competition, in which a younger Kousei was accidentally photographed as well while passing by. Kousei later frames this picture.

Music usedEdit

BGM usedEdit

  • 17:46-21:20: Kirameki (Kousei & Kaori Performance Ver.)




For a full script of the episode, see Episode 22: Spring Wind/Script
  • (Kousei monologuing about his friends and family) "Everybody's watching...the people who made my life fuller. The people who called me back to the stage. Everybody's watching. I...I can't let them down. This is the sound that my mother gave me. The sound that Watari made me notice. The sound that Tsubaki found for me. The sound that was born out of my battles with Aiza and Igawa-san. The sound that Aiza-san and I created together. The sound that Hiroko-san made me remember."
  • (Kousei to an imaginary Kaori) "Wait...please don't go...pester me for canelés again! Call me to kill time again! I don't care if I'm just Friend A...don't go...don't go...please don't go! Please don't leave me behind!"
  • (Kaori to Kousei in her letter) "Kousei Arima...I love you."
  • (Tsubaki to Kousei) "Don't go thinking you can ever be alone, Kousei! I'm gonna stay with you forever and ever, like your guardian angel! Get used to it!"
  • (Kousei monologuing about Kaori) "Spring will be here soon. Spring, the season I met you, is coming. A spring without coming."


  • Following the airing of this episode, "Chopin: Ballade No. 1 in G minor, Op. 23" rose to the top of the classical music charts in Japan.[1]
  • Kousei sees a black cat on the other side of some train tracks that is gone after train, symbolising the loss of Kaori.



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