Saki Arima "The piano is you. If you touch it gently, it will smile. If you touch it with force, it will become enraged"
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The Scenery I Shared With You
English The Scenery I Shared With You
Kanji 君といた景色
Romaji Kimi toita keshiki
Episode info
Air Date December 11, 2014
Episode 10
Chapter(s) Chapter 17: Falling
Chapter 18: The Scenery When I’m With You
Opening Hikaru Nara
Ending Kirameki
Episode chronology
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Resonance Light of Life
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"The Scenery I Shared With You" (君といた景色 Kimi toita keshiki?) is the tenth episode of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on the December 11, 2014.


Kousei's performance begins. He starts off on a roll, but then midway through, his playing begins to fall apart. Hearing this uneven performance, the audience starts to buzz. Are the rumors that Kousei can no longer hear the sound of his own playing true? In their hearts, Kaori, Tsubaki, and Watari cheer Kousei on from the audience, while Emi and Takeshi, who’ve just finished performing, look on with concern. Onstage and alone, Kousei confronts his own trauma regarding his mother.


In a flashback of Kosei and Watari returning home at night, after Watari's team lost his football match, losing the opportunity to enter the national tournament. Watari expresses how his plans of becoming a star got disturbed, and after Kosei dispels his fear, a smiling Watari tells him that it is now his turn to become one, alluding to the upcoming piano contest. Kosei doubts himself, worried that he might never will be able to hear his own playing again. Watari reassures him, saying that adversities are what define one's true aptitude. He then develops his argument: pointing out to the starring sky, he comments on how the stars only shine at night.

In the present, Kosei's performance in the contest has begun to lose control, since he again cannot hear his music. His playing only gets faster and the notes become diffused. The audience notices and distaste and worry is shown between many members; in particular, Emi considers the veracity of the rumour claiming that Arima is becoming deaf. An inner conversation between Arima and his deceased mother is shown, with her blaiming him for not accomplishing her dream. As he keeps descending into his trauma his sound gets even more diffused and slow, and eventually he stops playing the piece amid, thus getting disqualified from the contest. 

Still seated on the piano bench, Kosei gazes the stage light. He is reminded of Kaori, who got disqualified by the same reason in the violin contest. As he wonders why she kept playing after that, he observes how everything reminds him of her. He decides to play again, as if Kaori was forcing him to do so from his own mind.

Thus, Kosei restarts the piece, though the playing is just as uncontrolled as before. Remembering a conversation with Kaori, he wonders how and for whom should he play. He decides to play for her as he enters the midpart of the piece, and his sound changes abruptly. This shift is immediately noticed by the audience, which soon starts to be moved. Emi is reminded of sunflowers, the same reaction she had when she heard Arima's moving playing at his first performance as a kid. Kaori comments how Arima Kosei has returned, as tears begin to shed from her eyes. Meanwhile, Kosei keeps thinking about Kaori and conversations he had with her, and hopes to reach her with his music. As the end of the piece is near, Kosei's mother voice appears again and repeats what Kaori told him at her violin contest: “music is freedom”. She adds that Kosei is free. The piece ending is accompanied by a beautiful shot of Kosei playing the piano under a bloomed sakura.

After the performance finishes, the audience, confused, does not really know how to react to what they've witnessed. Arima, not caring about the overall reaction, hopingly wonders if his playing managed to reach Kaori. Amongst the public, unseen by him, she is shown smiling, her face covered in tears. Arima's attention is then shifted to the image of his mother, located in her usual spot in the audience. Her facial expression seems to be changing, which surprises Arima. As light is shed and more color appears over her face, she smiles warmly at him.

Emi ponders about Kosei's performance. While being aware of his imperfect technique, she describes the feeling of his notes to be "like April". Hiroko and Koharu Seto make their first appearance, slowly clapping for Kosei and commenting on his performance and mediocrity.

Major eventsEdit

  • Kousei enters the piano competition for the first time in two years.

Music usedEdit

  • Étude in E minor, Op. 25, No. 5 by Frédéric Chopin


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  • “Setbacks come with the territory of becoming a superstar. In the face of adversity, that's when you know if someone’s the real deal or not. Or so they say. The stars shine at night, you know.”- Ryota Watari
  • “Will it reach her? I hope it reaches her.” - Kousei Arima
  • “The puppet has severed his strings and started walking on his own.” - Yuriko Ochiai


  • After the ending credits, Hiroko and Koharu Seto appear in the audience, as some of the only audience members clapping for Kousei after his performance.



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