English Resonance
Kanji 共鳴
Romaji Kyōmei
Episode info
Air Date December 4, 2014
Episode 09
Chapter(s) Chapter 15: Resonance
Chapter 16: Listen, Mama!
Opening Hikaru Nara
Ending Kirameki
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Let it Ring The Scenery I Shared With You
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"Resonance" (共鳴 Kyōmei?) is the ninth episode of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso anime adaptation. It first aired in Japan on December 4, 2014.


In order to convey her feelings to Kousei, the pianist she once looked up to, Emi gives a passionate performance. She heads straight for Kousei right after leaving the stage, only to find herself bereft of words. After all, she had just poured all of her feelings into her playing. And at last, Kousei heads for the stage. As he sits before the piano, the ghost of his dead mother speaks to him. And so begins Kousei's musical journey as he confronts his past.


The episode starts by showing the performance of which Emi first saw Kousei play. She is tired and looks about ready to fall asleep, but curiously waits for Kousei to start. Once his finger hits the first key of the piano, there seems to be a sort of invisible energy that jolts her to an alert state of wonder as she looks upon Kousei. This flashback shows Emi's first inspiration to play piano.

The next scene we are shown is Emi, now in present time, giving her performance. She looks back upon the first time she ever insisted to play the piano; The time at the jungle gym when she climbed to the very top and made her decision to become a future pianist. We are also shown a flashback scene of Emi storing away all of her other hobbies, choosing to focus on piano, and piano only, for the rest of her life. The next flashback shows Emi meeting her teacher for the first time. During this meeting, instead of introducing herself, she interrogates the teacher with questions about her future piano career, questioning if people will be moved by her playing, too.

Emi recalls first seeing the piano being shown to her, her eyes full a sparkle. She is asked if she wants to play and agrees immediately. With a determined look, she presses her first piano key. Suddenly a shock goes through her, and she starts to cry.

"That’s the only sound I can make!" Emi wails, comparing herself to Kousei. She is told that every pianist had to start with their first note too, and that those people became great of what they poured into their work. What does Emi have to pour into hers?

Emi (still playing the piano in present time) says her motivation is to play on the same stage as Kousei, saying he is her motivation.

Major EventsEdit

  • Kousei begins his performance in the Maihou Competition.

Music usedEdit

  • Étude in A minor, Op. 25, No. 11 (Winter Wind) by Frédéric Chopin
  • Étude in E minor, Op. 25, No. 5 by Frédéric Chopin
  • Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight) Third Movement by Ludwig van Beethoven




  • Interestingly, the first note that Emi ever played on the piano was “E”. The opening note of the piece she plays in “Let It Ring” (Chopin’s “Winter Wind”), is “E”.[1]



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Saki Arima "The piano is you. If you touch it gently, it will smile. If you touch it with force, it will become enraged"
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