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• 7/28/2018

Is it the ending....?

I mean did Arima won the competition or not?His journey just started as a pianist after a 2years gap.Emi and Aiza his competitors have waited for Arima so they can compite with him.Does he really leaves home and goes to a music school in abroad?Is Kaori is really dead or not?because it not realy shown that she is dead? I think the story is not ended it paused in suspense. May be Kaoi is alive but in bad condition,and not want to distract Arima from achieving his goal.Kaoris desire to perform with Arima had not happened.It is a sad ending and most people like happy ending.So I will be waiting for second season.!!!
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• 8/1/2018
I personally think there won't be a sequel. Drama and tragedy were big features in Shigatsu, and I like how they didn't show Kaori's death, but instead showed it in Kousei's perception of his piano performance; almost like she lives on within the music. I would love to see a sequel, but it wouldn't have the same feel to it if it turned out Kao-chan was alive. I like how Shigatsu is very lifelike in its circumstances - people can die young. If they brought Kao-chan back, saying she didn't really die, it would feel more fiction-y.
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