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• 5/6/2015

Standard Episode Format

The current episode format is:

  1. Blurb
  2. Synopsis
  3. Major events
  4. Music used/played
  5. Characters
  6. Trivia
  7. Gallery
  8. References
  9. This changes from episode to episode. WE NEED TO DECIDE.

This is the one I propose.


Plot/(Blurb, if you insist on it being only a summary)

Music performed (refers only to pieces performed by the characters, not backgroudn music)




Since the blurb here is essentialy a summary, it would make sense to make the synopsis appear above it. Also, the Major events section is unnecessary. All "music used" should be turned into music played, referring only to the music pieces performed by the characters.

Please voice your opinion on this important matter.

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• 5/7/2015

Mhm, we will add plot summaries slowly throughout the year. The blurbs are directly translated/copied from the anime's website episode 'summaries', so the real summaries will be written soon, explaining every detail and event that happens in an episode.

For the 'music used/played' part, i included music used both diagetically and non-diagetically, since in the old 'Music' comments section (now deleted), people kept asking what BGM's and other music was used on a specific timeframe. I think it is necessary to list the BGM's along with the other music.

I guess the correct way of listing music is seperating all the music used into two categories.

BGM's used

Music played (includes opening and ending themes)

I will modify the standard format of episode articles later.

Feel free to edit articles in your own way! 

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