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• 2/17/2019

New season?

How if while I'm typing here some studios just making new series that called "I remember you in December"

And the story will tell about arima's who recalling back sweet memory with kaori when she still alive,and kaori will have scene in a ghost form come to arima(^^)

I hope this true:3

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• 11/23/2018

Kaori's Death

There are a few scenes of the surgery of Kaori between the scenes of Kousei's performance which I think implies how Kaori truly died. Just throwing this in here and hoping someone interested would join the discussion.

I think Kaori has Friedreich's Ataxia which causes heart disorder, that means the surgery performed is most probaly a heart surgery. This also explains the difficulty of the surgery and the following scenes of the surgery.

In the last scene of episode 21, Kousei's performance was represented by an image of cherry blossom. Cherry blossom and Spring represents Kaori as it was the scene when Kousei first saw Kaori. This implies that Kaori exists inside Kousei and is shown when he's playing the piano. There is also a scene was Kaori's heartbeat rate at around 80 bpm, and the nurse stated that her heartbeat is stable.

In episode 22, the scene of Kaori's surgery was briefly shown again, stating that Kaori's heartbeat rate is around 90 bpm. Then, the next scene is a pair of scissors with blood stains. This suggests that the doctor accidentally cut a crucial blood vessel from near the heart, leading to fatal blood loss and hypovolemic shock, thus explaining the rise in heartbeat rate. Later, Kousei's performance suddenly turned from cherry blossoms to snow. This can mean 'the end of spring' or 'withering of cherry blossom', implying that Kaori is dying. The next scene from the surgery shows that the heartbeat rate of Kaori fell to around 80 bpm, which is probably due to the fatal blood loss. Last scene of Kaori, is that she leaned back and having cherry blossoms rushing out of her chest. This scene looked like Kaori is laying on a bed with blood rushing out of her chest. Kaori then died due to blood loss.

When I first watched episode 22, I thought the scenes of Kousei's performance are just showing his emotions, but the more I think about it, some scenes are somewhat out of place. I then rewatched the anime again and realized these scenes just aren't that simple. This is what I think after I rewatched the anime as there are a lot of implication throughout the series and this explaination makes a lot of sense to me.

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• 9/24/2018

What a ptece of crap

Back and forth only flashbacks.. man... always forcing me to fast forward like 10 second I was watching episode 17 but oh crap it forced me to give a negative comment here... come on do something about that punchbag four eyes boy.....
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• 9/20/2018

saddest moment

my one was when kousei played the piano whiles thinking of her, with the music and the setting it made me cry, so many emotions were poured out in that scene.
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• 8/16/2018

This wikia needs more active staff members

We seriously need a lot more moderators and supervisors who can really step up to taking very good care of this wikia here. It seem this wikia is infrequently managed and poorly taken care of as well as there were some few users who were being problems by posting rude comments in the past. I want to let staff members know that there is a user who have violated this wika's guidelines by trying to be funny, posting an off-topic image. I know this problem is not very recent but Here's a link to this image that needs to be deleted immediately in accordance to the guidelines of this wikia.
9B68FCA0-0106-4466-8D5D-9813D75169D4.jpeg Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Wiki
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• 7/28/2018

Is it the ending....?

I mean did Arima won the competition or not?His journey just started as a pianist after a 2years gap.Emi and Aiza his competitors have waited for Arima so they can compite with him.Does he really leaves home and goes to a music school in abroad?Is Kaori is really dead or not?because it not realy shown that she is dead? I think the story is not ended it paused in suspense. May be Kaoi is alive but in bad condition,and not want to distract Arima from achieving his goal.Kaoris desire to perform with Arima had not happened.It is a sad ending and most people like happy ending.So I will be waiting for second season.!!!
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• 6/15/2018

Watari's phone

Can somebody translate what was in the message in Watari's phone before he switched it to the picture of him and kaori.
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• 2/13/2018

I believe we need better moderators in order to improve the state of this wiki

Everyone, I believe we need moderators in order to improve this wiki. I have seen horrible articles where characters are called 'man whores' and 'bulldogs'. I believe we need to increase the quality of this wiki. I think we should appoint me as a mod so I can improve the articles on this wiki.
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• 2/6/2018

so.... did Arima won the contest?

REAL QUESTION HERE, since that contest is really important for Arima's career as a pianist, I wonder if he won or not, since Emi and Aiza was really good as well ( I remember they have been called genius and thought to myself: "you idiots don't know talent, my boy (main character) will show you talent" I think I sound a lot like those proud parents lol). mid way when Kaori was disappearing I think Arima's sound has a bit of fear in it, but in any case fear is also a strong emotion that can reach to ppl's heart as well.
They never mention the result of the contest in the anime, so I'm a bit curious. Seem like the story ends there, I think Kaori's death is inevitable and will have a lot of impact on Arima as a pianist, I like to think he will be great one day.
I got off topic again, sorry about that. Anyway, if anyone know anything, please tell me. thanks in advance.
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• 1/30/2018

What happened to the Wikia?

It seems like there isn't a lot of management behind this Wikia, and it needs some severe building back up.
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• 1/8/2018

I want they made season 2 but not ordinary. they use the same story and the same character but in ending Kaori will not die. such as sad ending and happy ending or other dimensional theory. it will he

I think season 2 will still work as long as Kaori lives on with an interesting plot as Kaori actually lives but Kaori wants to fake her death for an acceptable reason. actually this anime series has the potential to be continued and succeed (Sorry about my grammar)
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• 6/13/2018

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• 5/27/2017

finished Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso

So I finished the anime.... super sad..
I'm really sad and I don't know what to do. All I do now that the series is over is to listen to the opening. I can't stop thinking about it. I need something to do, like watch an anime just as good, maybe better.
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• 5/24/2017

Help me please!!!

Does this sketch look like Kaori Miyazono. I am just asking about the face. Not the other parts of the body. Just tell me can you recognize that this sketch is of Kaori? 
If not tell me what looks odd in it. What are the mistakes. I am about to paint it. This is just a rough sketch to paint on.
1st link - My rough sketch -
2nd link - Original image -
My sketch - 

Original image. Please help me.
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• 2/19/2017

Somebody knows what happened to Kousei?

After the ending of Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, Somebody knows what happened to Kousei? (If he went to this Musical highscool he wanted attend) 
And .. Tsubaki could get Kousei?
[I'm still waiting for a OVA, where the main characer are older]
[Sorry for mi English xd, but it's not my mother language :s]
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• 1/8/2017

Do Tsubaki know that kaori love Kousei?

Do Tsubaki know that kaori love Kousei?
I'm very curious about it
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• 12/8/2016

Episode 10 outro

Does anyone know the song that plays at the end of Episode 10? When the audience is reflecting on his performance? Not the end credits..
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• 10/11/2016

Clothing ~ help

Screenshot from anime So, I'm thinking about cosplaying in this outfit. I have the T-Shirt and pretty much everything but the Blue-ish green clothing he has under his T-Shirt. Tell me if you know what they are called. Please, Armageddon is around the corner, in 12 days
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• 9/1/2016

Special Screening of Live-Action Movie on Aug. 31, 2016

Apparently there was a special screening of the live-action movie this Aug. 31. Would anyone happen to know the translated lyrics to Ikimono-Gakari's "Last Scene," which was used in the movie?
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• 7/25/2016

Episode 16. Theory about Kaori Last line.

So in the last minutes of the episode 16 Kaori (while in bed) tells the next thing to Kousei: 
"Want to commit double suicide with me?" 
I know for the dubs it can be a little bit off and the real meaning can change, so i read more about it and I think the meaning can also change from "double" to "lovers"; "lovers suicide" in the Japanese culture is used to describe the practice of lovers to suicide (da) when they couldn’t get to be together and marry for social/familiar reasons. 
I am not sure if I am doing right by bringing this now, but I can’t let go the anime, even I don’t know why I am holding this hard to it. 
So I have a theory here and this is going to sound harsh and maybe cruel, but I believe that this line:  "Want to commit double suicide with me?"  Was a declaration of love to Kousei. And the more I think about the more it makes sense (or so i want it to make): the not "fitting" into Kouseis Group of friends(social circle), Kaori didn’t wanted to destroy the relationships between Kousei and Tsubaki as she knew she was not going to be around for much time, and by saying it directly to Kousei she loved him, at the end she would had only teared apart his heart (driving him into a bigger grudge) so by saying to commit suicide with her I think she was saying:  "I love you,  but your heart will die when I die"(ending his life as well, o so I believe). I know they where 15 years old, but who knows, maybe Kousei got the memo and understood, explaining why he doesn’t cry when reading the letter. 

Tell me what you think. And thank you for reading. XD here take a potato.
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